Durack School History
Durack School is situated in Palmerston - a satellite city of Darwin. Durack School is in the suburb of Durack - also known as Fairway Waters - and is subject to zoning regulations.

Durack was opened in 1998. It has connections to the history of the area, being named after the pioneering Durack family. The Durack School community strives at all times to show the dignity and determination that was shown in Australian history by pioneers such as the Durack family. Durack School aims to support our students in their pursuit of learning, and to encourage them to conduct themselves with dignity and determination at all times. The School values diversity, and we encourage our students to be accepting of differences and flexible with change.


School Crest  

Durack's School Crest was developed to symbolise the following:

The shield represents the community protecting and nurturing its young. With Durack's parks, golf course and lakes, green and blue are the most visible colours that surround the school. The white cross represents the Saint Andrew's Golf Course, the first course in the world. The capital 'D' in the centre of the cross represents the suburb and name of Durack as well as attributes of the the Durack family: Determined and Dignified.

The crown represents the history of the Durack family, made popular by the author Mary Durack in her book, "Kings in Grass Castles". It reminds the students that all can achieve success like the Duracks if they strive and take advantage of the opportunities that are offered.


Durack School Opening

Durack School was opened at the beginning of the 1998 academic year with an enrolment of 155 Primary students and 30 Preschoolers. The school was officially opened on the 12th of June, 1998 by the Minister for Education, the Honourable Peter Adamson, MLA.

A special Assembly was held to celebrate the school's official opening. Durack School's principal, Mr Dixon lead the proceedings. Items included a speech by the SRC highlighting the changes that have occured in education since 1898 and a recital of Dorothea Mackellar's My Country by Year 5/6/7.


The Assembly also included a performance highlighting the events that took place during the Durack family's trek across Australia.


C and D Blocks

The first few years following the opening of Durack School saw a rapid increase in enrolment numbers. Thanks to the Durack School Council and our local member, the Honourable Denis Burke, member for Brennan, four additional classes and a technology lab were completed for the commencement of the Year 2000 academic year. C Block was soon followed by the addition of 4 new demountable classrooms - D Block.


Durack's 10th Birthday

In 2008, Durack School celebrated its tenth birthday. Many events were held across the school to mark this special event. Festivities included commemorative kite flying, birthday cakes, a whole school pass the parcel, an evening of celebrations that included both past and present members of the Durack School community, quizzes and slideshow presentations. A whole school photo was taken in the shape of a number ten to commemorate Durack's first ten years.


E Block

In 2009, Federal funding allowed the school to exapnd its facilities by building a new core of 4 classrooms - E Block. Two of the school's existing demountables were removed and transported for use in Katherine.