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Uniform Prices

School Polo shirts $32.50 each

Girls Black Skorts $17.00 each

Unisex Black Shorts (Size 4 -12) $25.00 each

$5.50 pair

Girls Dresses $40.00 each
(Size 4,5,&6)
$40.00 each (Size 7)
$40.00 each (Size 8)
$20.00 each
(Size 10,12 & 14)

Bucket hats
$10.00 each

Legionnaire Hats $10.00 each

Slouch Hat
$10.00 each

Dry Season Jackets $25.00 each
(Size 4c - 14c)
$25.00 each
(Adult Size)

School Badges
$4.00 each

Hair Accessories $3.50 each





Parents or Guardians may obtain the appropriate forms for enrolment from the main office. Immunization records and proof of date of birth are also required when enrolling. Currently, due to the pressure of numbers, we are only able to accept enrolments from children who reside in Durack. Proof of residency is required.


Transition is a period of time between the informal learning at Preschool and the more formal learning structure of year one. Children who turn five before June 30 are able to start Transition at the beginning of the school year. See our Transition Handbook for more information.


Durack School has a lively and dynamic Preschool on the school grounds. It offers a program that provides stimulation and enrichment for young children. Enrolment is initiated by completing an Expression of Interest after which children may be offered a place or be placed on a waiting list, depending on the age of the child and numbers. The Preschool offers two whole days and a half day on alternate Friday mornings. Hours are 8.10 am to 2.30pm whole days and 8.10 to 12 noon on Fridays.




School Contributions

Contributions are allocated to the following budget areas: excursions, library, IT, rewards and acknowledgements, publication, consumables, PE and first aid.


School Council

The School Council meets during the third week of every month during the school year. The current School Council meets on Tuesday at 6:30pm. All parents are welcome to attend.

Durack School Council is elected from parents and staff at the Annual General Meeting. Community members with special skills may be invited to be members of the Council. Council members work together to promote the educational opportunities for the students at our school. The Council has input into many of the decisions made at the school.

Being on council provides the opportunity to gain a better understanding of school management issues. You are also able to have a say on issues you feel are relevant to your own child/children's education. As members, parents gain experience in meeting procedures and develop confidence in their own self and therefore are better able to contribute to all aspects of community life. Together we all contribute to make Durack School the exciting learning place that it is today.

Other staff and parents are very welcome to attend any of the meetings which are held each month. Non-members may join in discussions but do not have voting rights. The School Council has a number of sub committees e.g. Fundraising, Canteen, Finance and Policies. Parents do not have to be a member of council to assist on these committees.


The Durack Primary School Uniform Policy has been established after consultation with all stakeholders, and has been formulated to meet the needs of students, their families and the school. The intention is to promote harmony, equity, discipline and self respect.The Uniform has been designed for our tropical lifestyle. It is reasonably priced, durable and smart. All but the more generic items are available for purchase from the Front Office throughout the year.


Shirts : [unisex] Royal Blue Polo shirt, with embroidered logo and collar detail. Shirts are not to cover more than half of the shorts or skorts when untucked.

Shorts : [unisex] Plain black, without pictures, patterns or edgings.

Skorts : [girls] Plain black, without pictures, patterns or edgings.

Dresses : [girls] School Tartan, available from the office.

Long Pants : [unisex] Plain Black, without pictures, patterns or edgings. No denim.

Jacket : with zipper, predominantly blue or black

Hats: The school's bucket, legionnaire or wide-brimmed hat, available from the office.

Socks: Must be black, blue or white.

Shoes: Sandals (with a back strap), runners or leather ‘school shoes' with no high heels. Predominant colours are white, black, royal (or navy ) blue or brown.

Hair Accessories: Plain hair ties, scrunchies, headbands or scarves should be blue and/or white and or black (or plain coloured.)

Jewellery: The only items of jewellery permitted to be worn at school are:

  • medic alert bracelet
  • simple watch
  • studs or small hooped earrings only
  • no visible other jewellery

Grooming: It is suggested that hair below shoulder length be tied back with appropriate hair accessories. Makeup and nail polish are not permitted at school.

Upon enrolment parents are to sign a Memorandum of Understanding supporting the Durack School Uniform Policy. The school uniform must be worn fully and correctly at all times.


Defence School Transition Aide

The DSTA aims to help with the smooth transition of mobile Defence children from school to school and across curriculum jurisdictions. The DSTA position is funded through the Department of Defence to facilitate the best possible outcomes for children of Defence Force members. The Durack DSTA is available to assist with settling in to Durack, ongoing issues and with moving to another school. Contact the DSTA through the school office.